I love the 50’s style dresses, being a larger size I feel at my most comfortable when I am wearing something that fits well and look’s good.

I have tried all sorts of brands to no success. There is nothing more depressing than having to buy a dress two maybe three sizes up.

Last year I discovered the Lindybop range…. That’s when it all changed. They fit , they have pockets and they are very reasonably priced!!

Because I had so much confidence in this range I convinced the guys at Carry on Vintage to try them out , stocking a large selection of styles in all sizes.

The Lindybop sizes range from 8-22.

When the dresses are on the mannequins in the shop window , people stop in their tracks.. they are drawn in. The Lindybop range is suitable for all occasions, they make a great bridesmaid dresses or if you are just having a night out. If you are of a fuller figure I totally recommend this range and if you are near to Swindon come see us at Carry on Vintage