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Vintage Inspired Wedding updos

Vintage inspired weddings are becoming ever so popular, every one wants to add their only little touch to their wedding. If you are planning to have a 30’s inspired lace dress or a 50’s inspired swing dress a vintage updo will complete the look!

If you are planning a wedding next year you can arrange a trial for you and your hand picked bridesmaids.

Why stop there, get the vintage car, the vintage band and dress your venue with gorgeous bunting… VVR can help with pointing you in the right direction. Find us on Facebook:

How to create the perfect victory roll

What you need:
Dry shampoo
Backcombing brush
Hair pins (a close match to your hair colour)

1. Divide your hair into sections. If you have a side parting, go with it. Section down to the back of the ear.

2. Thoroughly backcomb each section, ensuring the hair is held upright as you do so. Don’t ever worry about backcombing! It washes out easily.

3. Lightly brush over the hair which will be on the outside of the victory roll, this will then look smooth once it is rolled up.

4. The size of the roll you want to create will determine how many fingers you will use – For smaller rolls just use your thumb or two fingers, for larger rolls use three fingers. Roll the hair around your fingers/thumb, trying to keep it tight, and pinch the hair into the shape.

5. Now pin it into place. The trick is to use a few pins as possible. This is when the excessive backcombing Will pay off.

6. Now repeat on the other side.

7. The rolls don’t have to symmetrical. Play around with them. It’s your updo – you decide!

Now you can add a few curls to the back to give it some bounce Or you could roll it all up at the back to get it off your neck. Again, it’s your updo!